Tuesday, December 6, 2011

STUCK {DVD Bible Study Review}

The STUCK bible study came to me in a very surprising way. After completing a book review with book sneeze I decided to browse the current selections of books. There was very little I was interested in at that time, but I did see there was a DVD bible study. I thought that we be perfect for my husband and me do together. So I selected it! Honestly I didn’t really have any idea what to expect. I was thinking that it would be a DVD with a little book to go along with it. A few days after selecting my book, my life had been turned upside down with emotion, I was feeling out of control, overwhelmed, sad and lonely. When the package arrived I was shocked at the size of it…larger than any other package I had ever gotten from Booksneeze. We were in the car so I waited until my husband was pumping gas before I opened it. The was not just a DVD and small little dinky book, this was a beautiful box with a Leader guide, a bible study book, a large package of discussion cards AND a DVD! I could believe it! I was so excited I started going through the book…and that when I realized that this was a bible study for Women! Not just for anyone and everyone but for ME! I opened up the cards {they are broken down into 8 sections} including Overwhelmed, Sad, Stuck! EXACTLY what I needed…I burst into tears, not only because that it was clear that God had put my in the right place at the right time to get the amazing study…but because after my husband was done pumping gas we were going to Lifeway book store so I could choose a Bible Study specifically for women! Wow God Wow!! Always amazing me!

Stuck is fantastic! First of all, I love the versatility of this study. The language is simple enough to be done by a new believer. The content is deep enough to challenge the long-time Christian.

It speaks to those who have simply lost the joy and those who are trying to get the hang of the whole thing altogether, like I was feeling at the time I got the Study! The whole premise for the study is living the abundant life God intended for us by leaving behind the less abundant things we’ve been holding on to….things that have no eternal value.

I adore Jennie's casual style in the videos. The study guide itself is unlike any I’ve seen, it is exactly what I needed! It’s not ho hum or anything like that! Jennie mixes digging into Scripture passages with introspective journaling and actual service projects. This isn’t just a head-knowledge type of study. The homework is short enough to do the whole lesson in 30-45 minutes. It worked great for me, with the kids watching a movie or playing I can sit down and have a little time to do this study!

really excited about this study.  I’m can’t wait for more work by Jennie Allen.

I HIGHLY recommend this to any and every woman! This would be a perfect gift for you Wife, Mom, Sister, Daughter, ect!

Publisher's Description
We are often so stuck in invisible struggles in our hearts and minds, we barely have space for God. These deep struggles, these stuck places, are familiar to every one of us: brokenness, anger, discontentment, fear, and sadness.Stuck takes on these struggles within us so that we can encounter God. Because until we recognize that we are stuck and in need of God, we will miss what He has for us.
Designed for use with the Stuck DVD-based study (9781418548735), this companion study guide breaks the mold of typical women's curriculum. Story, Bible study, and simple but highly interactive projects play a major role. From drawing, journaling, or interacting with the homeless, women will have the opportunity to connect with each other and Scripture in deep and authentic ways.
Features include:
8 sessions
Simple but highly interactive projects
Story-driven teaching
Scripture study

* I was given this book for free in return for my honest feedback. This review is in my Opinion!

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