Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The WALK by: Shaun Alexander

from the Publisher:

Are you walking with God, dragging your feet, or running ahead of Him? Take the first step in living at God's pace.

When you start walking with God, it’s easy to misplace the emphasis. You might think it’s about seeking perfection or impressing God with your level of commitment. But God isn’t looking for perfection, and no matter how hard you try, you will never be able to impress him.

Walking with God is exactly what it says: God invites you to get in step with what he is doing in the world. When you walk with God, you allow him to set the pace for every aspect of your life. And that is when you discover faith and strength that overcome doubt, fear, and temptation.

Let Shaun Alexander help you get started on the greatest adventure possible. If you are ready to know God as your Walking Companion, you are ready to begin The Walk.


I am a huge Seahawks fan. So when I heard there was a book written by former Seahawks running back Shaun Alexander I was very interested to read it. He was one of our family’s favorite players while he was on the team. We even have a couple of his jerseys. I was very excited to discover that he is a devout Christian man who believes what the Bible teaches and seeks to honor God with his life.

As I began to read his book The Walk, the first thing I was struck with was his knowledge of scripture and how genuine he is. Shaun illustrates his book with examples from his own life and stories from his days of playing football - not just for the NFL but also when he was in high school. He demonstrates how God has been an important part of his life since childhood. In the book he takes us through the differences between the “wanderer” and the “wonderer” and how they think about things - which helps to realize the obstacles that need to be overcome as we pray for people like that in our own lives and desire for them to become believers. I was impressed to read that Shaun disciples young men and after I read about one of the boys he had been working with I remember thinking something like “does that boy know who’s car he is in? That is Shaun Alexander!” - of course these thoughts were replaced with the realization that Shaun is just a man and that no matter who someone is or isn’t we are all equal brothers and sisters in Christ.

This book has great examples for how to walk closer with God and live the Christian life. I would recommend this book to any believer or non-believer - especially the sports fans. If you know anyone that loves God and is a huge football fan this would be a great gift.


Please note I was given this book by the Publisher for free in exchange for my honest review.

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